Online Maturity Assessment

Online Maturity Assessment

Developed by Dessol - 2015
Welcome to the Online Maturity Assessment for the SFC Integration Toolkit

You are invited to complete this assessment to help us to track construction industry maturity.

If you would like to retrieve and/or amend a previous session, please enter your reference number here.

If you provide a few details about your organisation, you will be able to see how you compare to similar and different organisations, in the same or different sectors and your comparison with the industry as a whole. This gives you and us valuable information to gauge the maturity of individual sectors; your anonymity is assured because individual organisations cannot be identified from the information requested.

It would be helpful if you completed the "About you" information each time you use the online Maturity Assessment. Over time, this will build up a clear picture of how maturity is changing in your part of the industry. You will be given a new reference for each assessment you undertake following completion of fresh "about you" information. This will enable you to gauge how you/your organisation are changing in time. You can of course decide not to provide this information, in which case your results will be added to the "unspecified" category.

About you

Q1. Please tell us which of the following most closely matches the type of organisation you are representing when completing the assessment.

Q2. Please identify the sectors for which this assessment is representative (select all that apply).

Rail Networks
Water Services
IT & Computing
Banking & Financial Services
Private Housing
Social Housing
Farming & Food Services
Mining & Material Processing
Manufacturing & Assembly
Entertainment & Leisure
Sport & Fitness

Q3. Please tell us something about the scale of your organisation's activities.

Q4. Please tell us how representative this assessment is of the way your organisation works.